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If you’re looking for a Business Setup in Dubai, you might be interested in our new business packages. If you’re looking at Starting a Business in Dubai our new business packages might give you a kick start to success!

Our Business Setup Dubai packages come in four different kinds, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, each package provides you with a Website for you business and Online marketing for a specific amount of time depending on your package.

You might be thinking that having a website and some online marketing is not a great priority, but you would be wrong. Starting a business online is a great, easy and very cheap way of kick-starting a business. You can gather your first few customers from online searches which will give you the revenue to expand and hire staff.

We can build online shops, or websites for services and make your website catchy and unique so to attract customers straight away! If you’re looking at Starting a Business in Dubai browse our Business Setup Dubai packages below.

Bronze                        Silver                      Gold                       Platinum


Business Setup Dubai                        Business Setup Dubai                        Starting a Business in Dubai                         Starting a Business in Dubai


AED 5,800                                  AED 8,700                               AED 14,400                                      AED   

Website                                       Website                                   Website                                Bespoke Package

1 Month SEO                               2 Months SEO                       4 Months SEO

Social Media Setup                    2 Months Social Media         4 Months Social Media


For more information on our package deals for Starting a Business in Dubai, contact us today. We have a buisness consultant in the team who will go over your business idea with you and give you ideas and strategies to move forward with your plan. Contact us today for any Business Setup Dubai advice.


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